Coronavirus Precautions

Waddington Primary School have put many measures in place to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. We are fortunate in that we are a small school, which assists us to reduce the risks beyond that of larger schools. We have not had any confirmed cases of the Coronavirus at Waddington Primary School - parents would be notified immediately if this were the case.

While there is much speculation about blanket school closures, it has been made clear by the state and federal governments that there are currently no plans to close schools. As such, our wonderful teachers are continuing with our usual learning programs at the school. We are, however, prepared to deliver educational programs from home, either online or with hard copies, should the need arise in the future.

As per our standard procedures, if parents choose to keep their children home from school for any reason, we ask that you please inform us.

Our amazing staff are doing their absolute best to maintain a safe and calm environment for the children. We are aware that these circumstances are likely to bring about anxiety in some children and our teachers and pastoral care team are ready to assist the children as needed.

We are committed to keeping our parents and community members informed and will do so via this page. Parents will receive a text message to inform them each time this page is updated.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss any aspect of our preparations or how they are impacting on your child.

Adrian Keenan - Principal

9342 7511


Most recent changes / updates (Monday 23rd March 2020)

  • Having sought clarification from the Department of Education we can confirm that the advice to parents is that schools will remain open through to the end of the current school term to support students whose parents choose to send them to school
  • It is considered a reasonable absence if families choose to keep their children home due to a perceived risk that they are safer at home than in a school setting, due to possible transmission of the virus - please notify us if this is the case, so that we can record your child's absence on our system
  • Waddington Primary School has chosen to provide work for children remaining at home and will continue to check in with them either online (Class Dojo) or by phonecall
  • We have suspended canteen lunches for the time being
  • NAPLAN testing for 2020 has been cancelled across all schools

Previously Communicated Information

  • From Monday 23rd March, parents are asked not to enter the classrooms
    • Parents of Kindy - Year Two children who usually drop/collect are asked to do so from the classroom door, rather then come inside the classroom
    • Parents of Year Three - Six children who usually drop/collect are asked to do so from the school gate and not enter the school grounds
    • Exceptions are made where a conversation is required with the classroom teacher, in which case we ask parents to wait outside the classroom until the teacher is available to speak
    • For any parents needing to collect their children from school, or deliver anything to them, parents are asked to come to the front office and the student will be brought to the office
  • Students are being actively encouraged to stay out of each others' 'bubbles' (social distancing) both in the playground and the classroom
  • Teachers are working to keep students apart in the classroom, wherever practical
  • Year 1-6 classroom doors are remaining open at all times to avoid the need to touch door handles throughout the day - The Kindy/Pre-primary door is opened and closed by staff
  • We have installed hand sanitiser stations in our outdoor areas (in addition to those in the classrooms) and are ensuring the children use them prior to and after eating, as well as frequently throughout the day
  • We have soap and paper towel in all bathrooms, as well as hand sanitiser in all classrooms
  • All whole-school events, assemblies, excursions, incursions and extra-curricular activities including homework club have been cancelled
  • Breakfast Club is still taking place on Tuesday and Friday mornings, before school, however the children will sit outside to eat
  • The vast majority of contact with outside agencies has been cancelled, either by the school or by the agencies
  • We have temporarily employed an additional cleaner who is sanitising student desks, chairs, door handles, railings, etc. each morning before the children arrive at school
  • We have developed a clear plan which is ready to be enacted should the school need to temporarily close as a result of a confirmed case of coronavirus with the school community - parents would be informed immediately and asked to collect their child from school
  • We have prepared work packs and online learning for students should the need arise for them to work from home