COVID-19 Precautions

Term Three

Throughout parts of Term Two, parents were unable to enter the school grounds. We are very pleased that this restriction has been lifted and we welcome parents back on site. As per WA Health Department Advice, all adults on school grounds are required to adhere to social distancing rules and remain 1.5m from other adults, wherever possible.

As per the directive from the Premier, our playgrounds are open and will be cleaned between uses. We have employed an additional cleaner to do this, as well as to clean other high-touch surfaces throughout the day. We now have ample soap and hand sanitiser, which continues to be available in all student bathrooms. 

As has always been the case, if your child is unwell, we ask that you keep them at home until they are no longer presenting any symptoms.

Please CLICK HERE to view a letter to parents from the Chief Health Officer, regarding the safety of children in schools.

Adrian Keenan - Principal

9462 9500


Previously Communicated Information

  • For any parents needing to collect their children from school, or deliver anything to them, parents are asked to come to the front office and the student will be brought to the office
  • Students are being actively encouraged to stay out of each others' 'bubbles' (social distancing) both in the playground and the classroom
  • Teachers are working to keep students apart in the classroom, wherever practical
  • We have installed hand sanitiser stations in our outdoor areas (in addition to those in the classrooms) and are ensuring the children use them prior to and after eating, as well as frequently throughout the day. We are working to maintain stock of hand sanitiser.
  • We have soap and paper towel in all bathrooms, as well as hand sanitiser in all classrooms
  • We have developed a clear plan which is ready to be enacted should the school need to temporarily close as a result of a confirmed case of coronavirus with the school community - parents would be informed immediately and asked to collect their child from school