Newsletter #1 - February 8th 2021

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From the Principal

It was wonderful to welcome the students back this morning, particularly after the false start we had last week! All the children have settled well into their classrooms, many with different teachers this year. The facemasks worn by staff were not able to hide the smiles and excitement we were all feeling to see the children return!

With so many enrolments this year, we have divided our Kindy students into two groups. Today we welcomed Kangaroos and we look forward to welcoming the Kookaburras on Wednesday. I'd like to welcome our new students and their families to Waddington. I would also like to thank the staff for the work they undertook throughout last week in preparing for this week, without fully knowing what it would look like. 

This term was to be a nine-week term, bumping up to the Easter Long-weekend. With one week already down, we only have eight weeks at school this term. Term Two will run for eleven weeks.

Please remember that we have changed our early-close day to Wednesdays this year. This means school pickup time is 2:30pm on Wednesdays and 3pm on all other days.

Thanks to the hard work of Mrs Gray and Mrs Nayler, the Breakfast Club will continue this year and will be expanded and run for three days per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Breakfast Club will not run this week but will begin next Tuesday 16th February. We hope to see as many children along from 8am to start the day with a hearty and social breakfast. 

We have started the year strong with each class focussing on four clear expectations:

  • We will stay in our spot
  • We will put our hand up to speak
  • We will keep our hands, feet and objects to ourselves
  • We will follow all teacher instructions

These expectations will ensure that all students are able to enjoy the start of the school year and demonstrate respect towards each other and their teachers.

Friday lunch orders will resume this week. As per last year, lunch orders need to be handed into Reception by 2:30pm on Thursday afternoons, and lunches are delivered Fridays at lunch time. Menus and lunch bags can be collected from Reception or you can CLICK HERE for the current menu.

This year, we are looking for ways to incorporate and celebrate a wide range of cultural events and activities into the curriculum. We will start this Friday by celebrating the beginning of Chinese New Year with some traditional Lion Dancers coming into school and performing for the students. There is no cost to families for this incursion. We had planned on inviting parents in for this, however, are unable to due to the current COVID restrictions. We will be sure to take some videos and post them on our Facebook page shortly after. If any of our families can assist with future cultural celebrations in any way, please get in touch with me.

The P&C will hold their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday 22nd February at 9:15am. This meeting is open to everyone and is a great way of taking a look at what the P&C is about, without the need to commit to a position. We hope to see you there.

On Friday 26th February, bumping up to the Labour Day long weekend, the school will be closed as the staff get together for some shared professional learning. One of the things we will be discussing is our upcoming 'Student-led Conferences'. Student-led Conferences involve each student meeting with their parents and teacher to discuss their goals for the remainder of the term. These conferences will be held on Monday 8th March from 11am. In order for this to happen, parents are asked to collect their students from school at 10:40am and then return for their conference later in the day. The school board previously sought permission from the Department of Education to close the school in order to conduct these conferences. I will send out additional information in the coming weeks regarding the booking process.

We would like to invite all parents to join us for our first assembly, which will take place on Wednesday 3rd March. This will be a 'Show & Tell' assembly, where all classes will briefly speak about what they are doing in their classrooms this term. We hope you can make it along. Room 5 will be hosting the assembly at the end of the term, on Wednesday 31st April. 

The relationship between parents and schools in absolutely crucial. If you have any questions or concerns about your child throughout the year, please don't hesitate to get in touch with their classroom teacher/s, in the first instance.

Adrian Keenan

9462 9500


Term 1 2021 Planner

Please make sure you check the schools website regularly for any updates/changes. CLICK HERE to go to the Term Planner page of the website.


  • 12 February 2021 - Lion Dancers Incursion (No cost)
  • 16 February 2021 - Breakfast Club Resumes (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays)
  • 22 February 2021 - First Aid Incursion (Info to come)
  • 22 February 2021 - P&C AGM: 9:15am
  • 26 February 2021 - School Closed (Staff Development Day)
  • 1 March 2021 - Labour Day Public Holiday
  • 3 March 2021 - Show & Tell Assembly (All Years)
  • 8 March 2021 - Students go home at 11am - Student-led Conferences from 11am (info to come)
  • 25 March 2021 - Life Education Incursion (Info to come)
  • 31 March 2021 - Room 5 Assembly
  • 1 April 2021 - Last day of term
  • 19 April 2021 - Students Return for Term Two


Highway Heroes

This week in Highway Heroes we are revisiting Supa Thinkin. When a learning BUMP occurs – like being distracted – or a learning HAZARD occurs – such as being asked to have some thinking time – we want children to monitor their self-talk and minimise the psychological effect by choosing the HIGHWAY TOOL of SUPA THINKIN.

The automatic tendency for most children (and adults) is to use the opposite thinking – STINKIN THINKIN – which is negative and unhelpful, and can become habitual. This leads to children giving up easily and always expecting the worst – and then often finding it.

Let’s have a look at some examples of positive and negative self-talk:

       Stinkin' Thinkin'                                     Supa Thinkin'

Negative or unhelpful self talk:                 Positive or helpful self-talk:

-          ‘It’s too hard.’                               -    ‘I’ll give it a go.’

-          ‘It’s not fair.’                                 -   ‘ The sooner I start, the sooner I finish.’

-          ‘I can’t do it.’                                -   ‘ I’ll do my best.’

The research tells us that raising awareness of this ‘internal dialogue’, helps both children and adults to self-regulate their emotional responses and their behaviour, and it improves learning success in the classroom. This week, talk to your child about Supa Thinkin' and Stinkin' Thinkin': when it happens to you and when it happens to your child.