Newsletter #11 - November 15th 2021

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From the Principal



Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is hard to believe we are halfway through Term 4. It has been very busy and we still have lots more coming up! 

We have some wonderful news to share with our Waddington community. Last term, I applied for a special grant through the Department of Culture and the Arts for some murals to be completed at the school with Noongar artist, Buffie Corunna. I am pleased to let you know that this was approved. Buffie will be working with our Aboriginal families and students to paint a mural at the front of the school which represents our location and unique school. Buffie will also be working with the whole school in Term 2, 2022 to create a large artwork in the undercover area.

Part of this grant was also to allow the students to participate in a subsidised Dance program. In Term 2, 2022 Footsteps Dance Company will be working with students in Yr 1 - 6 each week, with the last week being a dance production for all parents to come and watch. 2022 is looking to be an exciting year for Waddington!

Another fantastic development has been the Department of Education visiting our school last week and agreeing to upgrade many of our classrooms and buildings. Mrs Newbury and myself have worked very hard at this and we are extremely pleased that many of our old carpets, vinyl and some ceiling areas will be replaced. We are also looking at getting the basketball court resurfaced as well as the undercover area. These will be positive upgrades for our school. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Woolworths and OzHarvest who have started generously donating food items to our students and families. We were fortunate enough to offer hampers to some of our families last week which was excellent. If you are finding times tough at the moment, please just let us know at the office and we will be able to put you on our list of families who are in need of assistance. We will do our best to help you. 

On a different note, it is important to remember that students need healthy, nutrient rich food to help them learn and focus through the day. Sugary items such as lollies, chocolate, chips or biscuits in the mornings/lunchtimes can make concentrating in class difficult. A piece of fruit, veggie sticks, yoghurt, cheese or crackers are all cheap snacks that can help your child's brain be ready to learn. There have been a number of students who have been receiving fast food at the office for lunch time. We ask that this no longer occurs as it can be upsetting for our other students who are not offered the same food. If you would like us to organise lunch for your child, we are more than happy to do so.

Mrs Jemima Tomlinson


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Jemima Tomlinson




From the Administration Office



Term 4 Planner

Please make sure you check the schools website regularly for any updates/changes. CLICK HERE to go to the Term Planner page of the website.


  • 17th November 2021  - 9am Board Meeting
  • 3rd December 2021 - Kings Park Excursion (whole school)
  • 8th December 2021 - Christmas Carols Event
  • 9th December 2021 - Faction Sausage Sizzle
  • 10th December 2021 - Year 6 End of Year Excursion - Outback Splash
  • 13th December 2021 - Graduation and Book Awards
  • 14th December 2021 - Graduation Dinner
  • 16th December 2021 - Students last day of school


Room 4 - A Day in the Life of the Year 3's and 4's


Wow! What a term it has been in Room 4. We have been exploring alien planets in our recount writing with explorers logs being written featuring chocolate waterfalls and melonflys. Maps of the alien planet Zargon 10 have been created and alien drawings to accompany their texts are in the process of being published. 

Room 4 have been working particularly hard on teamwork and have done an amazing job of working collaboratively in groups in a variety of subjects.  Including in Maths, where we have been learning all about money and the students have enjoyed setting up toy shops, budgeting and giving change. 

In Art we have explored sustainability and the students used the loose parts play equipment to make amazing sculptures in groups. After analysing the idea of using 'junk'  as art. Another theme, which has spread across the design and technology field where Ms Hoff has made bee hotels using bamboo and recycled material, which have been placed in the schools bushland. 

We are looking forward to an exciting few weeks ahead with our STEM excursion to the Kings Park Naturescape and the Christmas Season!


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Highway Heroes



The Six Step Stick Up 4 Me – Highway Tool

Bullying is a HIGHWAY HAZARD that occurs in different ways and in different contexts. Often the advice is to ignore it, in the hope it will go away. However, responding assertively the very first time the bullying occurs is far more effective. This week your child has learned and practised The Six Step Stick Up 4 Me – a HIGHWAY TOOL for dealing with bullying. These 6 steps bring together a calm approach, confident posture and a strong voice using assertive words.


Highway Heros Image


Community Notices


Lions Club of Girrawheen December 2021/January 2022 Events

The Lions Club of Girrawheen will be holding their annual Lolly run 15/12/2021 until 17/12/2021, we go to as many streets as possible but the children can listen out for Santa on those days in the afternoon.

On the 26th January 2022 we hold our annual Australia day breakfast at John Moloney Park in Marangaroo.  This is a free event: animal farms, bouncy castle, music, lions club train and a lovely breakfast along with pancakes.  We would love to see our community children at these events.

If any person wants more information about our organization visit the newpark swap meet and chat with the lion member on duty.

The Lions club of Girrawheen wishes everyone a safe and happy new year.


Waddington Primary School Playgroup

Waddington PS provides families in the local area with children aged between 0 - 4 years a free playgroup.

Unfortunately due to low numbers we have not been able to run Playgroup this term. If you have a child(ren)  between 0-4 and/or your child(ren) will be starting Kindy in 2022, please contact Roseworth on the number below and we can start running Playgroup once again.

It's a great way to meet other families in the area and gives your child(ren) the opportunity to socialise with other children.


Waddington PS Playgroup Flyer