Apply to Enrol

Waddington Primary would like to welcome you to our school. There is a 2 step process to enrolling at Waddington.

Firstly an Application for Enrolment needs to be completed and returned to the School Office for approval by the Principal (we can help you with this). Once approved the Enrolment Form then needs to be completed.

We have attached our Application form for your convenience, please see the link below, otherwise you can collect them from the School Office.

Applications for Enrolment Kindy 2024 now open!

Supporting documents for your application

You can drop into the front office and pick up an Application for Enrolment form or download one from the schools website. Please complete the form and return to the office along with the following supporting documents –

  • Your child’s birth certificate (or other identity documents)
  • Proof of address document (copy of a power/gas bill, drivers licence, rates notice, rental agreement with your residential address)
  • Copies of any Family Court orders or other court orders relating to the care of your child (if applicable)
  • Copies of information relating to any health or medical conditions, disabilities or additional needs your child may have (if applicable)
  • If your child is not a permanent resident of Australia, you must provide their current visa documents and any previous visa document where they are currently on a bridging visa (if applicable)

The information you provide on the enrolment form is very important in helping us look after your child and needs to be kept up to date.

In particular, we need to know of any changes to your:

  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone numbers
  • Emergency contacts
  • Custody information
  • Child’s medical information

Further information call us direct on 9462 9500 or visit the Department of Education website.