Remote Learning

This page is intended for those parents who are keeping their children at home, due to concerns around the Coronavirus. For information about student health and well-being, please see the 'Coronavirus Precautions' page.

Our staff have collectively decided to provide work for those students who are not currently attending school. We are fortunate with the size of our school, to be able to accommodate learning at home and at school. These are uncertain times and we do not wish to add unnecessary pressure to our families. We understand that the well-being of the children is the most important factor and we wish to support families with children at home. We also ask that you be patient with us as our staff navigate the changes ahead.

We do NOT expect parents to:

  • be classroom teachers.
  • understand everything that their children need to learn throughout the year.
  • create a classroom in their homes and sit with their children for six hours each day.

We understand that every household looks different. You may have multiple children and family members to take care of or you may even be working or studying from home.

General Suggestions

We have a couple of general suggestions for integrating learning into your day. They are to;

  • Talk to your children throughout the day
    • Children learn primarily through speaking with others
    • It is not important which language you speak in with your children - speak your home language
    • Not every conversation you have needs to be 'related to the curriculum' but the more conversation you have, the more engaged your child will be throughout the day
  • Find the 'literacy' in your everyday activities and talk or write about it. For example:
    • "Why is that your favourite toy?"
    • "Give me three reasons, with evidence for why you shouldn't have to clean your room"
    • "What was your favourite part of the movie / TV show?" "Why do you think the 'bad guy' in the movie was mean?" "If you made the movie, how could you have changed the ending to make it better?"
    • "Talk me through / write down the steps it took us to bake the cake together"
  • Find the 'numeracy' in your everyday activities and talk or write about it. For example:
    • "How long do you think it would take you to clean your room?" "What if we both did it, how much less time would it take?"
    • "How many pegs do you think we'll need to hang the washing on the line?" "Will we have enough if we only use the blue pegs?"
    • "We need to fill the tub with Lego, how many blocks do you think it will take?"
    • "Which do you think is heavier, the washing basket of clothes or the vacuum cleaner?"

Set Tasks

  • We do not expect you to complete every task - please work through what you can, while putting your child and family's well-being first.
  • Our teachers will communicate with you via 'Class Dojo', if you have it set up. If you need assistance with this, please let us know. If you don't have the app or are unable to use it, we will communicate in other ways. As we progress, teachers will create videos to upload, and students can upload videos and photos also. This is a closed platform, meaning it is private.
  • For those with internet and devices at home, children will have tasks set through 'Study Ladder', an online educational tool. The tasks assigned to the students are set specifically by the teachers, who will be tracking your child's progress along the way and checking in periodically. Study ladder provides activities in English and Maths, as well as other curriculum areas.
  • Students will also have access to apps they use at school, such as Reading Eggs, Prodigy (Maths) and others, depending on their year level.
  • For those without internet or devices, teachers have prepared work packs, which can be collected from school or delivered to your home. This will be negotiated with the classroom teachers.

Additional Resources

There are many additional resources available but the Department of Education have developed a website to assist parents who have children learning at home. These resources can be accessed via the link below.

You are not alone!

We want you to know that just because you and your family are physically at home, you are not alone. We are here to support you and answer any questions you may have. We will check in on you and ensure you have what you need, to the best of our ability. 

We are looking forward to being on the other side of this pandemic and focusing on ensuring that your child's school life returns to normal as soon as possible.