Newsletter 10

From the Principal

Good afternoon wonderful Waddington families,

I am terribly sorry that I have been away from school last week. I am hoping to be back on Thursday after contracting a nasty virus that has unfortunately affected my vision and made it difficult for me to do anything. Ms Chivers has been doing a wonderful job to keep everything going and I know the Waddington staff have been working extra hard as well. We really are lucky to have the most amazing team at Waddington PS. 

Swimming starts today and I wanted to thank everyone for getting their payments in. Mrs Jones and Ms Báche have been busy following everyone up and we hope the students enjoy their lessons. Swimming is a vital part of Australian life and these lessons are essential for students to be able to remain safe in the water. 

On Wednesday, we will be having an assembly to thank our super staff for all of their dedication and hard work. It is World Teacher’s Day on Friday 28th October, but at Waddington, we will be celebrating ALL staff and doing this on Wednesday (as most of our staff are here that day). If you would like to take the opportunity to thank some of our staff for the wonderful work they do on this day, I know it would be greatly appreciated. I have had the benefit of working at lots of different schools in my 15 years in education, but the Waddington PS staff eclipse them all. I have never met a more kind, collaborative or hard working group of people. Their dedication to the students at Waddington PS is inspiring and I hope you all know how much your children are cared and catered for. 

On Friday, the P&C will be holding their Halloween Disco! It is a much-loved event and all money raised ends up coming back to our school. We would love to see lots of our students there dressed up in their Halloween outfits. Thank you to our P&C and our wonderful staff who are helping to organise this event. 

On Thursday the 10th of November at 2:30pm we would like to invite you for the official opening of our Queen’s Jubilee Garden. We hope you have enjoyed seeing the transformation next to Room 5 and we are pleased to have a new beautiful space for everyone to enjoy.  A reminder that students all need to attend school everyday to get the most benefit out of coming to school. This also includes students getting to school on time. We now have Run Club every Tuesday and Thursday morning to increase our student’s physical health and give them a great start for the day.

Kind regards,

Jemima Tomlinson 


From the Administration Team

The term planner is updated regularly and below are some important dates to be aware of for the last few weeks of school.

Please refer to the Term Planner page under the ‘Community’ tab for the most up-to-date events for this term and the planner for Term 4 (but this may be subject to change).

Important Dates

24th October 2022 – In-term Swimming Commences – PP to Year 6

25th October 2022 – In-term Swimming – PP to Year 6

26th October 2022 – In-term Swimming – PP to Year 6

26th October 2022 – Assembly – Teachers Day – Choir/Leaders

27th October 2022 – In-term Swimming – PP to Year 6

28th October 2022 – In-term Swimming – PP to Year 6

28th October 2022 – Teacher’s Day

28th October 2022 – P&C Halloween Disco

31st October 2022 – In-term Swimming – PP to Year 6

1st November 2022 – In-term Swimming – PP to Year 6

1st November 2022 – Interschool Athletics Carnival – Balga PS

2nd November 2022 – In-term Swimming – PP to Year 6

3rd November 2022 – In-term Swimming – PP to Year 6

4th November 2022 – In-term Swimming – PP to Year 6

9th November 2022 – Thank you Morning Tea

9th November 2022 – Opening of Queen’s Jubilee Garden (2.30pm)

2023 Planning

We are commencing the process of looking at classes for 2023. If you are not planning on returning to Waddington next year, please let us know as soon as possible so we have an idea of class numbers/structures for next year.

Room 9 – Busy little bees!

In Room 9 we cannot believe it is Term 4 and there are only 30 days left of school for the Year!!

This term we are exploring the Three Billy Goats Gruff as part of Talk for Writing. In week 2 a bridge appeared that we had to cross to get to class and we predicted what could live underneath it. We have role played the story, taking turns being the 3 billy goats and the mean Ugly troll.  We love retelling and sequencing the story using characters in our small world set up.  Our iMaths investigation shares the same theme, and we have given directions to the Billy goats, ordered them by size and used our problem-solving skills to equally share the spoils of Farmer MacDonald’s veggie patch. 

We have been relishing time outside as the weather changes, from working on our Fundamental movement and counting skills to using our new cubby and playground at break time. We are getting really good at the monkey bars and with the help of our imaginations the cubby has been transformed into a café, house on the moon and even as shelter from escaped dinosaurs! This has become a special place for a lot of us, and links with our Geography exploration of special places and how we look after them. 

Highlights have been learning about bullying, what it is and how we can react from the bully zero incursion, Pyjama day and a talk from our sustainability captains.  Wearing our pjs to school had us excited, and having popcorn provided by our fabulous P & C association was a treat!   

We are looking forward to sharing our songs at the Christmas concert as well as our 2 weeks of swimming!  

GraceLife Church- Morning Tea

On Friday 21st September Waddington staff were awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from GraceLife Church in recognition of our valuable contributions provided to families in our school community. Staff were also treated to a wonderful morning tea. Thank you to GraceLife Chruch for this acknowledgement and those delicious treats!